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IRCAD recommendation on safe laparoscopic cholecystectomy 1-gen-2017 Conrad, C; Wakabayashi, G; Asbun, Hj; Dallemagne, B; Demartines, N; Diana, M; Fuks, D; Giménez, Me; Goumard, C; Kaneko, H; Memeo, R; Resende, A; Scatton, O; Schneck, As; Soubrane, O; Tanabe, M; van den Bos, J; Weiss, H; Yamamoto, M; Marescaux, J; Pessaux, P
Irreversible electroporation for the management of pancreatic cancer: Current data and future directions 1-gen-2023 Spiliopoulos, S; Reppas, L; Filippiadis, D; Delvecchio, A; Conticchio, M; Memeo, R; Inchingolo, R.
Is being breastfed as an infant associated with adult pulmonary function? 1-gen-2005 Shaukat, A; Freudenheim, Jl; Grant, Bj; Muti, P; Ochs Balcom, Hm; Mccann, Se; Trevisan, M; Iacoviello, Licia; Schünemann, Hj
Is ESG Disclosure a Means to Respond to Catastrophic Events? A Case Study Analysis 1-gen-2020 Marrone, A; Oliva, L
Is ExacTrac x-ray system an alternative to CBCT for positioning patients with head and neck cancers? 1-gen-2014 Clemente, S; Chiumento, C; Fiorentino, A; Simeon, V; Cozzolino, M; Oliviero, C; Califano, G; Caivano, R; Fusco, V.
Is it really profitable to be B Corp in the banking sector? 1-gen-2022 Colamartino, C.; Barone, M.
Is it worth reducing GHG emissions? Exploring the effect on the cost of debt financing 1-gen-2020 Caragnano, A; Mariani, M; Pizzutilo, F; Zito, M
Is it worth to be Green? A Performance analysis on European Green REITs 1-gen-2017 Mariani, M; Patruno, P. M.; Amoruso, P; Caragnano, A
Is performance appraisal still performing? 1-gen-2021 D'Amato, Vittorio; Banfi, Alessia
Is the quality of codes of ethics affected by size, degree of internationalization and/or industry? An empirical study of the Italian setting 1-gen-2012 Garegnani, GIOVANNI MARIA
Is there a difference in clinical outcomes and repair integrity between arthroscopic single-row versus transossoeus (anchoress) fixation? A retrospective comparative study 1-gen-2018 Garofalo, R; Calbi, R; Castagna, A; Cesari, E; Budeyri, A; Krishnan, Sg.
Is there a prognostic role for the pattern of recurrence in platinum-sensitive relapsing ovarian cancer patients? 1-gen-2012 Legge, F; Petrillo, M; Pedone, L; Lucidi, A; Malaggese, M; Iannone, V; Borriello, M; Carone, V; Scambia, G; Ferrandina, G
Is there a weather effect? Evidence from a panel of emerging countries’ stock markets 1-gen-2018 Mariani, M; Pizzutilo, F
Is There Already a Need of Reckoning on Cancer Immunotherapy? 1-gen-2021 Correale, Pierpaolo; Pentimalli, Francesca; Baglio, Giovanni; Krstic-Demonacos, Marjia; Saladino, Rita Emilena; Giordano, Antonio; Mutti, Luciano
Is tourism a driver for smart specialization? Evidence from Apulia, an Italian region with a tourism vocation 1-gen-2017 DEL VECCHIO, Pasquale; Passiante, Giuseppina
IS URINARY EGF IL-6 RATIO A PROGNOSTIC MARKER FOR THE PROGRESSION OF RENAL DAMAGE 1-gen-1994 Gesualdo, L; Ranieri, E; Di Paolo, S; Montinaro, V; Schena, Fp
Ischemic heart disease: the platelet paradox 1-gen-2002 de Gaetano, G.; Cerletti, C.; Iacoviello, L.; Donati, M. B.
Ischemic Type Biliary Lesions after Liver Transplantation 1-gen-2010 Lupo, Luigi; Panzera, Piercarmine; Lisco, Teresa; Notarnicola, Rosamaria; Memeo, R; Colasuonno, Michele; Memeo, Vincenzo
Islam and Human Rights in Italy in an Age of Religious Diversity 1-gen-2022 Alicino, Francesco
Mostrati risultati da 4.153 a 4.172 di 7.778
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